August Menz Double Barrel Flare Pistol

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August Menz Double Barrel Flare Pistol

Post by oboe885 » Sat 15 Aug 2015, 18:17


I acquired this piece recently and was wondering what the value on it would be?

It had some issues when I got it, namely that the safety was stuck, it wouldn't cock, and the right trigger was stuck down. It currently is with a gunsmith who is going to restore it to working condition. The gunsmith thinks it may be missing a firing pin as well.

Can someone post a picture of what the firing pin looks like? Does it float free?

Any details that can be provided would be a great help!

I don't know how to add pictures to this forum, but you can follow this link to see pictures: ... p?t=817674


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Re: August Menz Double Barrel Flare Pistol

Post by billybibbet » Sun 16 Aug 2015, 01:03

That is one of the rarer makers, perhaps 3000 produced, some say. But condition always comes into to play. Getting it working is important, but non original parts can detract slightly.

Hard to place a value...but I have bought four in the past couple years, and never spent more than $600 and that was for a really nice condition ECKO. The least I have spent is $450 and $475 and both were in working condition and much nicer finish than the one you have pictured...

I might hazard a guess of around $650 to $750 if you get it working, due to the rarity?
At auction anything goes, and you can sometimes see crazy prices just never know.

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Re: August Menz Double Barrel Flare Pistol

Post by bergler » Sun 16 Aug 2015, 08:56

I think condition is not bad. I like it, and menz is rare.
It seems unopened (side plate) and therefore i think the firing pin is in fact not missing, but broken. And this is the reason for malfunction of this side of the action. Open and removing broken parts might be the trick in this.
About value......a nice august menz would be 1000 eur here. This one.....less, so the value stated before might be reasonable i think.

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