Leuchtpistole L "Fliegerleuchtpistole"

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Leuchtpistole L "Fliegerleuchtpistole"

Post by Weidman » Mon 26 Sep 2011, 12:51

Leuchtpistole L "Fliegerleuchtpistole"

Waffenfabrik Emil Echkoldt, Suhl, producer code Ecko or ojr
Waffenfabrik Heinrich Krieghoff, Suhl, producer code H.K. or fzs
Waffenfabrik Gustav Bittner, Weipert, producer code GBW or gpt
Waffenfabrik August Menz, Suhl, producer code AM

Caliber: 4
Length: 28 cm
Weight: 1250 gram

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Re: Leuchtpistole L "Fliegerleuchtpistole"

Post by 964AWACS » Thu 30 Aug 2012, 13:14

Is there any information (or estimates) on the numbers produced by each manufacturer? Are certain makers more common or scarce than others?

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Re: Leuchtpistole L "Fliegerleuchtpistole"

Post by signalman » Thu 30 Aug 2012, 14:29

According to Dr. Lorenz's book,

Emil Eckold ~ 32,500
August Menz ~ 4500
Gustav Bittner ~ 15,000
Heinrich Krieghoff ~ 37,700
Others without markings ~ 1,000
postwar Hugo Eckold ~ 500

Some makers marks are very difficult to find. I am still looking for " H.K " marked Kreighoff.
Sander marked model L's are quite difficult to find.
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I am still looking for ANY information regarding the European Use of the Original Costons flares from 1859 through 1881. Photo's, Patents, contracts & orders, ANY INFORMATION IS NEEDED ! !

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