Switch from blued to parkerized finish?

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Re: Switch from blued to parkerized finish?

Post by signalman » Mon 26 Sep 2016, 21:49

Thanks for the heads up, I am aware of this one, as it is from my personal collection. Yes, on Gunbroker I am 1zztop1
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I am still looking for ANY information regarding the European Use of the Original Costons flares from 1859 through 1881. Photo's, Patents, contracts & orders, ANY INFORMATION IS NEEDED ! !

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Re: Switch from blued to parkerized finish?

Post by survivalrescue » Wed 26 Feb 2020, 15:23


Do you recall what military manual shows the conversion of the AN-M8 for 25-mm (1-inch) signals?

I cannot find reference to that alteration in WWII Army Ordnance records, maybe a post WWII conversion?
A 1-inch projector was adopted designated as the M10 projector, identical to the M9. It had a very limited run before that contract was cancelled. The all so common tins of M73 red signals were procured for the M10, but also could be fired by British pistols.

In another post referencing the lack of serial numbers for the M9, I surmise, these are the batch of parts that were transferred and assembled without the application of the stamped serial number. Same applies to the M8. Eureka dropped the ball on all their contracts and Army Ord stripped them of that privilege forcing them to transfer all their parts to other companies. Thousands of parts in all states were then assembled by another company. I believe these M8 pistols represent the transition period between Eureka and McInerney. McInerney, was in a rush to meet deadlines working with what they had delivered from Eureka.

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