Unknown double barrel flare pistol

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Unknown double barrel flare pistol

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Would you have any information on this flare pistol?

It has a standard caliber and no marking except a serial number 2 below the barrel.

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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Re: Unknown double barrel flare pistol

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Don't know what it is other than RARE. I have seen a photo zerox of this many years ago from Vaghn Christensen, and have seen a color picture of one, but cannot remember from who. It reminds me of my Swedish 1896. It is one I always wanted to own, but it eluded me. I will look through my papers and see what I can find.
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I am still looking for ANY information regarding the European Use of the Original Costons flares from 1859 through 1881. Photo's, Patents, contracts & orders, ANY INFORMATION IS NEEDED ! !
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